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I may be one of the most unlikely people to ever graduate from Northwestern University Medical School. I inherited attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from my mother's family and dyslexia from my father. When I was born, the syndrome of ADD/ADHD had not yet been recognized, and dyslexia was thought to consist only of an amusing oddity of speech. The more esoteric learning disabilities, of which I have a plethora, were completely unknown or only beginning to be explored by scientists. My parents noted early on that I couldn't sit still, often did not seem to pay attention to what was said to me and alternated between dreamy wandering and intense focus on something that inexplicably interested me. Probably because they were both teachers, Mom and Dad anticipated my entry into formal education with a good deal of dread. Their fears were well founded. In first grade, I was far below the achievement levels expected on standardized testing. A school administrator suggested the possibility of brain damage. This assessment resulted in consignment to the slow track instructional path and my introduction to thirteen years of educational torture. After dropping out of college in 1967, the U.S. Army was eager to assist with my career choice and travel plans. What followed over the next ten years was an improbable series of adventures which culminated in acceptance to Northwestern University Medical School. This book is the story of my curious and circuitous path from brain damaged kid to medical student.

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James E Turner

James Turner has his feet planted firmly in his family's southern roots. He was guided by parents and grandparents who valued humor and lively participation in dinner table conversations. From his grandmother on down, James Turner is an amalgamation of all who touched his youth by walking through the front door of the home where he felt loved. He is a man of substance and keen intelligence who sees value in everyone. With his A-typical approach to the world, he follows a different drummer and travels at a different pace. Even though the journey may vary, his goals, hopes and determination remain the same as yours: to get through this lifetime with a sense of self-worth, knowing that his contribution to humanity has made a difference. Dr. James Turner makes his home in Northern California, surrounded by love ones who have learned to accept his leaning style, his talents, his humor, his kindness and his quirkiness. Dr. Turner is available for presentations. He would be pleased hear from you.